Entranced - New Single 

Another song I wrote during the pandemic that I'm finally got around to releasing called Entranced.  Now available on all streaming platforms and this site.

[Float] New single 

Float is reimagining one of the first songs I learned from my long time Chapman Stick teacher, Bob Culbertson called Captain's Daughter.  I always loved the chord changes and have been playing various versions.  This particular version came about while delving deep into analog synthesis and tweaking with many parameters on my Sequential Rev 2.  Visuals are using ink art by Zach Ginnever. 


LIT awards best instrumental concept  

Live at Rancho Sabor just won the LIT best instrumental concept award for 2022.  This video and live performance was a crazy concept and a true labor of love.  Thanks to everyone who supported the video. 


Haumea - new single  

Haumea is my latest single, dedicated to the little known dwarf planet.  It's available on all streaming platforms: /haumea-single

Here's a quick walkthrough of the main synth sound I'm using throughout the song.

Darya - single 

Darya, my latest single, is dedicated to the Caspian Sea where I spent a lot of my childhood.  It's available on all streaming platforms, Apple MusicSpotify, as well as my music page

This visual video of the song uses content from Zach Ginnever who mixes milk and ink to create this imagery.

Lastly, here's a little video clip of me recording Santour for the solo section.  I don't know how to play this beautiful instrument, but I still use it to get interesting textures and overtones.

Être Heureux - Logic session 

#logicpro #maschine #musicproduction

A little snippet of a single I'm working on with Malek on vocals. Using Izotope's Nectar for the main vocals, along with Arturia's FET-76. Secondary vocal effects and octave FXs using a lot of stock logic plugins, along with Native Instruments' Raum reverb and Albedo by Sinevibes. Maschine plugin running programmed drums inside Logic with the clips timeline matching that of Logic.