Être Heureux - Logic session

#logicpro #maschine #musicproduction

A little snippet of a single I'm working on with Malek on vocals. Using Izotope's Nectar for the main vocals, along with Arturia's FET-76. Secondary vocal effects and octave FXs using a lot of stock logic plugins…


Emmett Chapman's review of Rancho Sabor

Having played the Chapman Stick for 28 years now, one aspect I never take for granted is how thoughtful, kind and supportive Emmett Chapman (the inventor of the stick) has been throughout the journey. To be able to interact with…


CINIMA live at Rancho Sabor

This is the new CINIMA live performance film and it is very special to me as it is the result of a musical concept I’ve been working on for years.  At the beginning of the pandemic, I diverted all my…


Enya cover song

Enya's Caribbean Blue reminds me of a much different time in the early 90's and makes me nostalgic.  I've been attempting a cover of this song for years and I was finally able to land on something I liked.  


Jupiter Pulse, a new collaborative multimedia show

After a year of conceptualizing this new multimedia show combining electronic music with laser performance and live visuals, finally finished the promo video and the launch of Jupiter Pulse.

Ali Nourbakhsh improvisation on Persian Daf

My good friend and fantastic musician Ali Nourbakhsh was visiting me from the UK and while working on new music together, I recorded his improvisation on the Persian Daf.

filmed using Panasonic GH3 and GH4 with Leica and Lumix lenses…